Microsoft Build 2017 : a bracelet which alleviates Parkinson-related tremors

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During its annual conference “Build 2017”, Microsoft has presented a bracelet that allows to comfort Parkinson-related tremors. It is a real innovation for patients who could write their names normally again. Explanations…


A bracelet that was presented at “Microsoft Build 2017”

Microsoft’s Build conference discuss in priority applications development or artificial intelligence.

This year, an object had all our attention: a bracelet presented by the searcher, Haiyan Zhang who encountered Emma Lawton, a graphist of 33 years old who has Parkinson’s disease.

It’s well known, that one of the principal symptoms of Parkinson’s is tremor. This symptom stops the ability to draw or to write.

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“Emma” a bracelet to help rewrite its own name again

Microsoft-bracelet-contre-ParkinsonThis bracelet is still in the state of prototype and is called “Emma”: the name of the person affected.

With a smartphone application, it uses vibrations to manipulate the brain who sends usually erroneous signs to muscles.

“The vibrations from the bracelet seem to reduce the signs scented to the wrist, which allows to the brain to focalise on the task to accomplish”, explains Microsoft.

This advance is encouraging for the persons who have Parkinson’s Disease, even if it’s just a prototype for now. In the future, Microsoft explains that the society will work on ameliorating “Emma” and that he is considering larger scale trials.

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18 thoughts on “Microsoft Build 2017 : a bracelet which alleviates Parkinson-related tremors”

  1. I would like to purchase this bracelet for my brother in France can you tell me
    The place it is sold at.
    Thank you
    Rolande Sowers

  2. Can my mother be part of the trial group? She has a Parkinson’s related tremor in her left hand and has had this for over twenty years. She would love to be part of something that improves it and speed up it’s production.

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    Never give up!

  4. Not a comment but a question.
    I am suffering from what is called an essential tremor. Is the bracelet Emma a possible solution for this tremor as well?

  5. I would like my father to be in the trial group. He has essential tremor and has a very shaky hand. Please assist how can I get this.

  6. Hello ,
    Can you please tell if this bracelet is commercialized for essential tremors also

    Thank you
    Hope to have an answer

  7. My Dad has parkinsons over 10yrs now, and suffers very bad with shakey hand and arm, I would love to get this and try it.

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