Ubiquid : innovating solutions for home residents’ clothes

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Ubiquid turns retirement home residents’ clothes into connected devices.

Ubiquid is a French start-up which transforms clothes and valuable objects (dentures, hearing aids, walking stick…) of residents in retirement homes into connected objects. Thanks to RFID tags, each element can be identified and localized. Errors are avoided (e.g. wrong washing machine program, wrong storage…).

The whole establishment benefits from Ubiquid’s solution:

  • Residents finally entrust their clothes / personal belongings to the staff: no losses, no theft, no deterioration, and no dispatch errors any more.
  • Employees can sort, check or search objects at least 50% quicker than with any other solution, and keep track of their work
  • Managers spare huge amounts of money avoiding wastes. They follow the metrics through personalized, online dashboards

Awarded many times for its innovative solution, Ubiquid has grown very fast: 20 clients in France, Belgium and Swiss have adopted our system in only one year!

Here is a short video summarizing our activity. The voice-over speaks in French but as you’ll see, problems played are universal!

Visuel vêtement égaré dans sacs prestatairesAvoiding losses

This problem is not well known by people who never had to deal with retirement homes.

But losing clothes is a day to day nightmare over there: 480€-worth-clothes are lost each year to every resident!

Ubiquid cope with this situation by alowding employees to check up bags and trashes before they go out from the house. In average, more than 26 clothes are saved in every single week !

Ubiquid Assurer un lavage de qualitéEnsuring washing quality

Because each peace of cloth need a specific attention, linen maids need tools to deal with the hundreds of clothes they wash every day.

In only a few seconds, our tablet is able to tell exactly how many pieces are in the washing machine and sort out the ones that would not resist the selected washing program.

Quality is therfore ensured an residents are no longer nervous when giving away their clothes.

vêtement perdu UbiquidFinding back clothes

Where are my red trousers? On average, this simple question leads to 1h20 searches in retirement homes. Most of the time for 0 results.

Thanks to Ubiquid and its 5m reading rang captor, linen maids are able to find back clothes, even when hidden. Research then takes only 3 minutes !

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