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As the autonomy of the elderly becomes an issue within French society, elderly people’s mobility is becoming a subject of discussion. In order to understand it better, AG2R LA MONDIALE, in partnership with the Wimoov association, has launched a survey whose results should be published in November 2018. If you are over 60 years old, take 5 minutes to answer the survey! And, what’s more important, do not hesitate to transfer it to other +60 year old people!

Knowing the travel habits of elderly people (frequency, destination, means of transport, need or not of an accompaniment …) will allow a better adaptation to their needs and it will favour their better-aging. For this reason, AG2R LA MONDIALE and Wimoov have set up a questionnaire for elderly people short and anonymous.

Autonomy and quality of life

Autonomy and mobility are key elements for an ageing well. In May 2018, a survey conducted by the Think Tank Laboratory of Inclusive Mobility (le Think Tank Le Laboratoire de la Mobilité inclusive) revealed that 65% of French people consider that the posibility of moving easily and without obstacles is essential for the quality of their daily lives. The link between autonomy, mobility and quality of life is a real game changer among elderly people, who, otherwise, may find themselves isolated in their homes, unable to move.

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Conduite et mobilité des personnes âgées

Mobility aid for the elderly

It goes without saying that people’s mobility decreases when becoming older, sometimes even reducing drastically their mobility range. 

However, we would like everyone to know that there is help available, whether financial or human. If this is your situation, do not hesitate to contact the CCAS (Centre communal d’action sociale in France) or the town hall of your city to inquire.

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