Sugamo: the Japanese elderly neighborhood selling red underwear

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Do not know which gift to ask for Christmas or for your birthday? Renew your lingerie with red panties or red boxers. This is the favorite gift among the japanese elderly!

Japan has the most ageing population in the world. To the point that, in Tokyo, the elderly have their own district: Sugamo. Located north of the Japanese capital, Sugamo swarms with red lingerie boutiques. Red boxers and panties are sold to the elderly, to bring them luck!

A shopping street intended for Japanese grand-parents

The 800 meter long shopping street located in Jizo Dori is nicknamed  the “Omotesando of the grand-parents”, in reference to a trendy area of Tokyo, where young Japanese go for their shopping. In Jizo Dori, the elderly “make the law.” In this area of Tokyo, a Japanese elderly can find anything he could dream of, including the famous red underwear.

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A lucky charm for seniors

The idea of old people wearing red underwear may leave you clueless, but it is in fact a well-known tradition, part of the Japanese culture. Starting from the age of sixty, it is indeed common to buy oneself or as a present to someone else boxers and panties in bright red. The red color is a sign of rebirth and long life wishes.

In this area of Tokyo, passers-by are rarely less than 70 years old, and shopkeepers ensure their comfort with magnifying glasses and seats to rest.

A temple to cure diseases

After their purchases, Japanese seniors go to the Koganji Temple, also located on the Jizo Dori Street. In this temple one can find a statue, that visitors wash hoping it will take their pain away.

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  1. It”s true that most underwear models seem to be blessed in the manhood department although I suspect there is a certain amount of “fluffing carried out before the camera rolls,and there are some styles of micro pouches and see through undies that clearly show that the model is not well endowed. It stands to reason that an underwear company will try and persuade us that their products will enhance what nature gave us .The same could also be said about female lingerie. Let”s be honest, when was the last time you saw a flat chested model promoting a bra or bikini top? I”m sure most guys have a particular style of underwear that they feel gives them an enhanced profile at the front and a more peachy behind. But would we really sacrifice comfort for the sake of a more prominent bulge? I personally like the support and outline that I get from a g-string,but I hate the restrictive pouches that some companies incorporate in an otherwise perfect half back string swim tanga. In that respect I”m definitely about not squishing the bulge. We may be envious of guys who are seriously well hung,but that also means that they,unlike your average Joe, are more likely to be limited to undies that offer more coverage thus missing out on the delights of a skimpy posing pouch,unless they opt for one of those protruding pouches that look like they have rolled a condom over their penis.

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