Howz, the reasuring Smart house sensor

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Have you ever wanted to check on an elderly relative or friend without resulting intrusive? Sometimes we would like to see if our loved ones are following their routines and doing well, but they are not easy to reach, nor they pay attention to the phone. Howz is a new smart system that uses indoor sensors to check that everything is fine in the home of our elderlies.

The smart home sensors can check if the door is closed, the room temperature is correct or if there have been any movements in the house during the day. All this without being intrusive and maintaining the independence of the people checked upon.

Louise Rogerson, physiotherapist, is the developer of this smart home system together with Jonathan Bur, who previously worked with real time traffic and travel information systems, based on GPS data and mobile phones.

Routine changes in elderly people are a bad sign

This physiotherapist from Manchester noticed through her experience that changes in daily routines in elderly people were usually a bad sign.

This fact led her to create this inexpensive and universal device that identifies these routine changes and notify them to their beloved ones, so that they can give them the hand they need. The device detects in a non-intrusive way, if the person has not used the kettle, is waking up earlier or is going to sleep later than usual. The device needs less than a week to learn what it needs to adjust and create alert parameters.

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Daily lives to become a safer and more relax experience

Even though the system was until recently only available to a few people who have done a testing. The Smart home system is not meant to be a luxury item. On the contrary, it is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible and it will be soon available in UK and France.

Users claim to be really pleased and say that this system has become a life-changer. Their daily lives have become a safer and more relax experience.

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