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Filien ADMR is the telecare service of ADMR, which is the first French network of proximity services, relying on more than 3 300 local associations in all French departments, with more than 265 000 members. Among them, 110 000 active volunteers help families, children, old and/or disabled people.


For 27 years now, Filien ADMR has proposed services in perfect harmony with the social values promoted by the community network of ADMR: proximity, solidarity and respect towards others. Today, Filien ADMR is one of the major national actors of telecare and helps promoting living at home well and safely.


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Our core activity is to help dependent people living well and safely in their home. Every single member of our network benefits from our know-how:

  • We use the latest tools and materials and test them at least every week;
  • Our equipment is powered by internal batteries of long duration, so no electric connection is requested. Like this, even during power cuts, your transmitter remains operational;
  • Our advisory team can be reached 24/7 and we also have a back-up central unit;
  • The operator remains in contact with the person calling, keeping them company while the rescue team arrives.

Social link

ADMR is about creating a social bound!

It is our belief that keeping social interactions is at least as important as the treatment of urgencies. A true presence and an attentive listening highly contributes to people’s well-being and comfort. This is the reason why we strongly advise our users to press the signal alarm of their necklace or bracelet as soon as they feel lonely or even when they feel stressed.

A 100% French Service

made in france filienIn a context of growing globalization and a rather difficult national economy state, we have chosen transmitters that are exclusively designed and made in France (Brittany). Our advisory call center, exclusively dedicated to ADMR telecare service, is located in our locals, in Verdun (Meuse, France).

Filien’s services go beyond a regular telecare service thanks to customisation.

Filien ADMR facilitates the access to the latest safety technological solutions for all its subscribers, by proposing adapted solutions to each and every expectation.

Adapted solutions

Teleassistance alert device - watchAn elegant looking watch

Some people really care about esthetics and discretion for telecare device. In order to please them, we have imagined a bracelet with a contemporaneous design watch. It is a light and elegant device that can be worn by men or women as a bracelet or a medallion.

security with the fall sensorMore security with the fall sensor
This bracelet was specially conceived in order to be constantly worn at the wrist, without harming the user. It is equipped with a pushing alarm button (for a classic use). Moreover, in case the user falls and loses conscience an automatic alarm is directly send to our operators.

Smoke detector protectionSmoke detector protection
The smoke detector we propose has the advantage of being directly connected to our operators and call centers. Imagine a fire starts and you are not home. Or that fire starts and you are not able to warn firemen (for example, you’ve lost consciousness due to the smoke). In those cases, our operators can intervene and call for help. This system goes beyond a simple beep alarm!

Teleassistance TransmitterMore flexibility with a GSM transmitter
This transmitter allows to complete our offer for the safest telecare service possible, even in case of full unbundling. This version is equipped with a SIM card (paid by Filien ADMR) so it can be functional without having to subscribe to a new phone line.

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