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The BlueGard® bracelet is a true “guardian angel”. It can protect vulnerable people and give caregivers some respite. BlueGard® can be used at home and in long term care establishments.


BlueGard® operating principle

> At home
First, a BlueGard® base is set at the user’s house. To activate it, all you have to do is plug it into an electrical outlet. This base can recharge the bracelet every night; this task is generally made by relatives or professional caregivers. It gets easier thanks to a wireless charger system so there is no need to remove the user’s bracelet.
The link between the bracelet and the BlueGard® base is realised on RF radio.

> Outdoors
The BlueGard® user can move in an “expanded life zone” defined around his house.
This distance can vary from 500 metres to several kilometres, according to caregivers’ choice and the user’s autonomy level.

The GPS and GPRS mode is then activated.
The BlueGard® bracelet’s autonomy is 12 hours and its localisation is transmitted every 4 minutes to the geolocation server.
No alert is activated as long as the user stays in this area. On the contrary, if the user steps outside of this area, the bracelet sends an alarm and gives the user’s position. The bracelet will constantly transmit his position every minute.
To date, the average time of intervention is one hour.

> BlueGard® video presentation

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