Acceo: a suitable communication solution for hearing impaired people

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ACCEO created an innovating device so that all types of services, call centers and institutions that are available to the public could becomeaccessible for hearing impaired people.

Thanks to this solution, staff from any public or private company can easily communicate with people with hearing deficiencies. Whether by phone or face-to-face, the conversation is spontaneous and reactive.

How does it work?

The user accesses the Acceo service with a standard Internet connection. All that is required is a webcam and a microphone with speakers (for those who have the ability to speak)
There are two types of communication you can choose from:

  • French Sign Language (FSL): an ACCEO professional interprets simultaneously the conversation into sign language.
  • Instantly Transcription of Words (ITW): an ACCEO operator transcribes instantaneously the conversation.



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