Vodafone Spain Foundation teaches the elderly how to use a Smartphone

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Vodafone Spain Foundation and Alma Natura, from Huelva (Andalusia) launched “Aula Móvil RURALTIC”, an educative program that aims to teach the elderly how to use a smartphone or a tablet. The program took place from January to March, 2015.

More than 1,000 elderly people participated, from 28 cities around Seville.

Vodafone Spain Foundation teaches the elderly how to use technology

“Aula Móvil RURALTIC” is an educative program. It was launched in order to promote and facilitate the use of smartphones and tablets among the elderly. It was created by Vodafone Foundation and Alma Natura, from Huelva (Andalusia), with the support of the Regional Council.

Ever since 2005, Vodafone Spain Foundation has participated to several programs in order to promote the use of new technologies among the elderly. Santiago Moreno, the foundation director stated that to this day, more than 113,000 elderly people were initiated to TIC all around Spain, and more than 20,000 in Andalusia.

The elderly usually use a phone to call people and to receive phone calls. By attending this “Aula Móvil RURALTIC” program, elder participants changed their mind. They were taught how to use their fingers on a touch-screen, how to send a MMS, how to record a video, how change the display wallpaper, etc.Vodafone program

Mobile for a Good Andalusia

Vodafone Spain Foundation and the Regional Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía) created a common project: Mobile for a Good Andalusia. The main objective is to promote the innovation and the use of TIC, in order to avoid the technological gap, especially among vulnerable groups of people, like the elderly or disabled people.


Tube (in Spanish) – proyecto para embarcar a los mayores en una relación sin complejos con la tecnología

Source: press release (in Spanish)

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