Vivago and Avarea signed a co-operation agreement

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Vivago and Avarea have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of utilizing advanced analytics and producing business intelligence from the health status and wellbeing data generated by Vivago’s wellbeing and safety solutions.

Transforming Digital Health into Smart Care

The Internet of Things creates new business possibilities in ever growing speed in medical and healthcare segments. It is also creating and supporting our healthcare. Vivago’s and Avarea’s solution belongs to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) category.

The first phase of co-operation combines information on customers’ using Vivago solution and provides a comprehensive view of the customer base. The overall view is processed by clustering to find similar groups. Within the formed groups, customers behave similarly. The care givers or rehabilitation unit can plan focused care and service processes to these databased customer segments. Customers will get better service and targeted actions to support their care and rehabilitation.

With IoMT services are produced cost-effectively with high quality

The data produced by Vivago solutions enables the use of advanced analytics to ensure the focus of care. In home care, timely customer support and targeted service support both customers quality of life and the service level.

IoMT is a concept that describes IoT applications in healthcare and medical sector. The utilization of IoMT has enormous potential for the treatment of the aging population and for the needs of people with disabilities. It can deliver services cost-effectively while improving the quality of service – services can be targeted in a timely and customized manner for different customer groups. Healthcare and medical segment has adopted the Internet of Things slower compared to other industries, but it is going to be increasing on a global scale.


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