Vidapoint™ takes personal emergency service growth worldwide

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Global Wireless Health Limited (GWH) introduced Vidapoint™, a comprehensive yet cost-effective personal emergency monitoring solution for delivering help to elders -previously not available many places in the world. As a result it will help more organizations control and reduce the costs of potential elder injury and recovery and care–especially from falls.

Falls by the elderly are an increasing cause of death and injury, and consequently care costs increase significantly due to delays with help arriving, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Fall death rates in the U.S. increased by 30% in a recent review and over 646,000 individuals globally were affected annually, said the World heal Organization (WHO)

With the aging population rapidly increasing the market for personal emergency response is expected to be a 9 billion dollar global market by 2022, according to Global Market Outlook. GWH Vidapoint will uniquely facilitate that growth opportunity”, said Steven Beeferman, Managing Director of GWH.

By 2050, the world’s population aged 60 years and older is expected to total 2 billion, up from 900 million in 2015. Today, 125 million people are aged 80 years or older.

The Vidapoint solution uses modern digital technology to reduce the cost and improve the value of the traditional ‘SOS button’-also known as a medical alarm, a time proven tool for providing faster emergency response to the elderly, by making it more available and affordable in existing and new markets. Service costs can be almost cut in half, the company believes. The Vidapoint solution incorporates includes a styled wearable pendant that lightweight (2.5 oz.) and includes advanced fall detection, programmable spoken medication reminders and other voice announcements to keep the user informed and calmer.

GWH’s Technical Director, John Queripel, said we have used the latest communications design all the way from the user device to the Help Centre software resulting in an improved vital service for older people, while retaining its simplicity of use through new cost effective and reliable technology.

Vidapoint Help Centre software assures effective call responses from pendants and the subsequent dispatch of emergency assistance and notification of family, caregivers or professional services. The emergency call can be automatic (no button press) which provides GPS based location data and continuous crumb tracking when Vidapoint device users are affected and even unable push a button, talk or report their location.

Vidapoint is provided as a subscription service available for use in over 120 countries, Pendant voice announcements and Help Centre software are available in local languages. GWH distributes Vidapoint through Authorized Vidapoint Service Providers along with supporting Vidapoint Help Centre implementation, training and service marketing development. Detailed information and demonstration video are available on the website.

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