Senior couple risk everything providing masks to America

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After putting their company and retirement savings on the line, John Rexroad and his wife Teri are available to share their remarkable efforts supplying and donating masks to America following the recent retooling of their Connecticut based manufacturing plant. They are donating masks to anyone who can’t afford them, and all sales will earn no profit ( only charging his costs).

As profiled on “The Today Show” after John’s wife Teri experienced kidney failure a few years ago, he donated his own organ and ever since the couple has regularly worn masks during flu season, as advised by their transplant team. The experience helped them to understand the importance of widely available, high-quality masks, especially when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

John & Teri expanded their award-winning netting company to make urgently needed masks that are both effective and affordable options for the public. For every mask purchased, they are donating a mask for those who are in need, including homeless shelters, assisted living centers, First Responders – Police, Fire, EMTs, and more. The couple are running at a loss in order to donate and provide these masks to the public, and they are getting thousands of orders from across the country.

Not all face protection is created equal – the Rexroads and their staff are creating the highest quality, most durable, and machine washable masks that fit snugly with multiple layers of protection. John knows firsthand the importance of protecting the most vulnerable and immune compromised, which includes his wife of over 40 years.

John and Teri are moving fast to serve our nation during this challenging time. With this Covid-19 outbreak, they have completely shifted their manufacturing resources to supply The American Nation and communities with urgently needed masks. Prior to retooling their company to manufacture masks, John was the leader in the safety and netting industry. In business for over 25 years, his company Pucada Leading Edge has designed and developed the netting system used on the Washington Monument, NASA, Lockheed, G.M., Universal Studios, Ground Zero and more.

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