Transforming Digital Health into Smart Care with new Vivago MOVETM solution

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Vivago, a Finnish forerunner in personal healthcare technology, is taking remarkable step by launching the revolutionary Vivago MOVETM solution to global markets. Vivago MOVETM is introduced to the market at Digital Health Nordic event taking place at 13th -14th February 2018 at Helsinki, Finland.

Vivago MOVETM solution is developed in co-operation with German business partner Vitatel GmbH addressing wellbeing solutions for the elderly.

A solution for preventive care

“Vivago MOVETM solution monitors sleep and health with the watch and provides real-time health status information for medical professionals to follow-up rehabilitation and to support treatment path of chronic illnesses and people with health issues. Health insurance companies and healthcare provides can use this unique medical device solution to follow-up rehabilitation, health status and effectiveness of medication for better results of outcome driven patient centric predictive care. We are very excited about the launch and entering to global markets” says Maria Lavonen, Vivago’s CEO.


Transforming digital health into smart care

Full digitalization of health status follow-up opens a revolutionary path to change the delivery of care from reactive to predictive, and to tailor fully patient centric outcome driven care. Coming years, we will experience a complete paradigm shift, in the area of patient care. Caregivers will know your life-threatening condition, before you even feel to be ill. Accurate, predictive real-time health information will change all care processes and decrease drastically healthcare costs. Smart care will free care givers’ resources to have more time with their patients and to help with specific care issues. “We are highly exited to see transformation in digital health. We experience every day new success stories, when our customers start using real-time health monitoring in their daily care,” Maria Lavonen says.


New Vivago MOVETM solution supports decisions in healthcare

Vivago is already helping tens of thousands of people, but the rapid technological development is opening even more opportunities. “For example, Vivago has the opportunity to apply artificial intelligence to bring new ground-breaking possibilities to healthcare in the near future,” Maria Lavonen says.
Vivago MOVETM measures watch user’s activity, sleep and circadian rhythm. Solution provides health status information to medical professionals and multi-professional teams to help the medical decision making for patient centric rehabilitation and treatment. “This is particularly important as our population ages and it becomes necessary to find better ways to care. Health issues like diabetes, sleeping disorders and stress as well as many chronic illnesses increase problems both globally and individually” Maria Lavonen continues.
Additionally, Vivago MOVETM provides safety at home and outdoors consisting of Vivago MOVE watch and mobile application. Solution calls help automatically if the person is not moving and unable to make the alarm. Automatic alarms, real-time health monitoring and mobile functionalities are unparalleled in the market and will provide the needed tool for the elderly to feel safe. Care providers and relatives can follow up watch user’s wellbeing in real-time which supports proactive and timely care.

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