The Elderis at home solution

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The Elderis solution is meant for private and institutional actors: teleassistance companies, personal assistance, territorial collectivities, social housing.

This solution allows professionals to expand their service offer, to coordinate their possible interventions, to inform or to watch over weakened people.
The service package proposed by the Elderis Solution can be completely personalised and customized.
It is possible to send messages to subscribers, to communicate by video, to display messages, to facilitate contact with partners, and so on. The technical platform can be directly linked to a call centre.Elderis product

>Example of services that the Elderis platform can provide:

  • Reception and sending of text and/or messages and mails;
  • Sharing of photos and videos;
  • On-demand content: sportive or cultural trip, information about the neighbourhood, carpooling, craftsman from your services network, video, audio book
  • Schedule sharing with relatives and professionals
  • Events notification on a TV or phone screen
  • Accessibility for people with visual or hearing impairments

>Inactivity detection :

The Elderis box is connected to the television and can receive information from sensors in use in the house. Like this, an alarm can be automatically sent if someone unusual happens.

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