A new look for Google Glasses

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Despite Google’s world-class reputation and their recent investments in eHealth, the Google Glasses were far from being as successful as the group had hoped. Indeed, the general public seemed skeptical about its utility and design, which they qualified as “too futuristic”.  Consequently, the group decided to put a temporary end to the production and selling of the product. Nevertheless, they haven’t given up: they recently signed a partnership with the Italian company Luxottica, in order to change the look of the Google Glasses.

Google Glasses still unknown and unaccepted by the general audience

Google Glass Model
By Tim.Reckmann (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
For some years now, Google has shown interest in the eHealth field and has invested more and more into the sector. For instance, they launched a smart lens capable to monitor blood-sugar level for diabetics. After several investments and company acquisitions, they launched the Google Glasses. In 2014, a partnership was sealed with the insurance company VSP Vision Care so that the product may be partially reimbursed. This way, the product could be viewed like a medical device.

Nevertheless, Google Glasses did not convince the general audience. It was partially because of their futuristic design, but also a lack of communication. The Google Glasses were taken out of the marketplace so that Google could rethink their product.

As a result, Google became partners with Luxottica, in order to give a new look to the product so that it can become more attractive.

According to the blog Digits, Luxottica Manager Massimo Vian has already announced a new version of Google Glasses. The launch date remains a secret.

It remains to see whether with this new design, the Google Glasses will conquer both individuals and health professionals.

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