The Exhibition for a Healthy and Independent living: a business meeting with health care professionals

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The Exhibition for a Healthy and Independent living (“Salons Santé Autonomie”) will take place on May, 19 – 21, at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles. Organized by PG Promotion –UBM on behalf of the FHF (French Hospital Federation), this exhibition is the main business meeting for health professionals. It covers healthcare and social welfare, and since 2013, other similar events have joined the exhibition: HospitalExpo, GerontHandicapExpo and Health-ITExpo.

15 000 professional visitors and about 550 exhibitors are expected to be present at the 2015 edition.Logo-Salons-Santé-Autonomie

5 main topics

For every sector, visitors will find exhibitions, thematic trails, entertainment activities and several workshops. It will be the right occasion to discover the newest realizations and inventions of their respective field, as well as their functioning and practical application.


It is rather obvious that the ITC boom and the advent of the latest technologies in eHealth and connected Health have left their marks on the health sector. The digital revolution is happening. Nevertheless, lots of new questions and challenges are raised as a result. The Exhibition for a Healthy and Independent living will provide practical solutions, especially regarding the transition towards the digital hospital, big data, dematerialization or the security of patient’s data.

The Health-IT focus is declined into:

  • Health-IT conferences;
  • Health-IT Agora;
  • 5 thematic villages;
  • 5 thematic trails.

 Ageing and DisabilityAgeing and Disability

Many challenges must be faced concerning the Ageing process and Disability. For many of them, solutions must be found, such as daily care program for Alzheimer’s patients, home care for elderly and dependent people, recruitment barriers, and so on.

The Exhibition for a Healthy and Independent living will present a complete range of solutions, equipments, innovations and remarkable achievements dedicated to improving the well-being of the elderly and disabled people.

  • An agora for the Elderly and Disabled;
  • The Silver Economy village;
  • A village for the Elderly and Disabled The Healthcare field will present practical solutions and objectives that will be integrated in a Sustainable Development Policy that will be effective in healthcare facilities. A few examples: minimizing and reducing waste, energy savings, air quality, preventing psychosocial risks or reducing work stress.

Sustainable Development in Healthcare fieldDéveloppement-durable-257x300

The Healthcare field will present practical solutions and objectives that will be integrated in a Sustainable Development Policy that will be applied in healthcare facilities.

  • Meetings and debates about Sustainable Development in the Healthcare sector;
  • Sustainable Development Awards;
  • The annual « Barometre of Sustainable Development ». This edition will have an international dimension: French health care facilities will be compared to international ones.

Architecture and constructionArchitecture-et-Patrimoine-257x300

The Exhibition for Health (a Healthy) and Independent living invites you to come and see the latest projects in construction and to discover the new vision of tomorrow’s health care facility.

Medical progress, ITC development and the emergence of new types of professions will all lead to a major reorganization of health care facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, Long Term Care Facilities, nursing homes, etc. Furthermore, challenges must be faced in order to change the medical landscape.

  • Architects Village;
  • Architecture and Heritage Forum.

Technical PlatformPlateau-technique-256x300

Visitors are invited to discover the main innovations imagined for tomorrow’s technical platform. Among them, progress was made regarding the development of the outpatient surgery, the interoperability among different services or the rise of medical imaging in the operating block.

The Technical Platform will be organized in exhibitions areas and open talks on different topics, organized by experts.

  • Hospital and Technical conferences;
  • Hospital Agora;
  • Operating room and recovery room animation.



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