[Save The Date] (eng)aging International Conference “New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?”

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The (eng)aging international conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 27 and 28 March 2019. It will deal with the topic :”New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?”. The conference is organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project, which aims to foster society-wide debate about the accelerating demographic change and population aging.

Aging population and a decreasing number of people at a “productive age” presents aserious challenge to our economic and social systems. New technologies can aid in the independent living of older people and extend the time they remain active and self-sufficient.

Technical solutions are about to become an important part of older people’s life

Indeed, technological solutions such as remote patient monitoring can help to avoid and reduce hospital stays. Robotic machines can enhance the quality of caregivers´work and possibly even substitute humans in many care provisions. Technology can also be a tool for prolonging working life by easing the physical work. Moreover, Information and communication technologies (ICT) have tremendous potential for enhancing the social inclusion and participation of older people through video conferencing and social media.

However, technological progress also comes with a dark side, as older people are particularly vulnerable to phishing, internet scams or hoaxes. Older workers are also at risk of redundancy and long-term unemployment due to insufficient technological skills.

In the near future, older people will have to rely increasingly more on ICT in order to cope with their jobs and everyday activities, and sustain their social networks.

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|Key areas

The conference should contribute to a critical examination of interrelationships between aging and technologies in the following areas:

Silver economy – devices and services adjusted to the needs of older people; age-friendly technologies.

Labor market – Industry 4.0; ICT as a challenge and opportunity for older workers; employability and digital inclusion of older workers; technology skills update; age discrimination in hiring practices and in the work place; technology easing physical work; measures for facilitating longer working life; later career planning; age management.

ICT – social inclusion and lifelong learning; older people on internet and social media; age-friendly devices (big button phones, etc.); special apps for older people (pill reminder, fitness tracker, etc.); preventing vulnerability of older people to phishing, scams, hoaxes, etc.

Perception – older people attitudes towards new technologies; challenges of technology design and ergonomics for the older people; affordability, accessibility, and ethical challenges associated with new technologies.

Transport and mobility – robotic technologies; autonomous cars; and advanced driver-assistance systems for older customers.

Health system – modern medical technologies; eHealth; telemedicine; assistive devices; technology for long-term care.

|Excellency Award

The organizers will award a third “Excellence Award“ to a company for smart and innovative attitudes towards age management in the workplace.

seniors technology

|Technological section

Technological companies have the opportunity to present their technological products and innovations focused on the older people and their specific needs in technological section.

|Target group of the conference

• Representatives of the state administration (such as the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Social Affairs, Industry and Trade) and relevant parliamentary committees
• Representatives of organizations associating business entities
• Companies applying age management to their business
• Business entities operating in the area of social care and health
• Experts in geriatric care
• Representatives of the non-profit sector and academics dealing with aging issues
• Technology companies offering technological products or social innovation for older people

|Confirmed keynote speakers

• Anu Siren – Senior researcher, Danish Center for Social Science Research VIVE (Denmark/Finland) – topic of the lecture: ”The world is changing but so are we: Changing late life and the opportunities and challenges of new technologies”
• Kai Leichsenring – Executive Director, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Austria)
• Miloš Táborský – Professor of Medicine, Palackého University, Founder of the National Telemedicine Center, Olomouc (Czech Republic)
• Ana Isabel Arroyo Hernández – Project Manager, Social Technologies Foundation TECSOS (Spain) – topic of the lecture: “Technology at the service and care of the older people”
• Jonathan Rutherford, Vicepresident for Vodafone Business (Czech Republic/UK) – topic of the lecture: “Aging and IoT”
• Stephen Johnston – Co-founder, Aging2.0 (UK/USA) – topic of the lecture: “Building a European innovation ecosystem for ageing and longevity”

| Partners

Conference partners:
Vodafone Czech Republic, Česká spořitelna, Czech Demographic Society, Slovak Statistical and Demographic Society, Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Berlin Institute for Population and Development, Beauty of Help Foundation, Life 90.

Conference auspices:
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, City of Prague

Media Partners:
SilverEco & Ageing Well International Awards

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“Save the date: The SilverEco® and Ageing Well International Awards – Tokyo Edition”

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Information and registration

For further information contact Martin Špáta, Conference Coordinator : spata@keynote.cz. Register for the conference at : www.engagingprague.com.

Project (eng)aging ! What is it ?

Population aging is a worldwide phenomenon that the economically developed countries have to face in particular. The trends that have been evident in Japan for more than two decades have arrived in Europe. The average life expectancy constantly grows and the number of births is below the population replacement level. In the long term this development could have negative impacts on the economies of European states as well as their societies.

The goal of the (eng)aging!) project is to increase public awareness about the topic of population aging and to create a platform bringing together the Central European stakeholders dealing with population aging.

The project organizes an annual international conference and 2-3 expert discussions per year on various topics related to population aging and demographic change.

The project succeeds to involve various stakeholders locally and internationally : international organizations (V4, WHO, OECD, UNECE, EU), representatives of the state administration, members of parliamentary and senate committees, entrepreneurs, representatives of business associations, experts in the field of geriatric care, representatives of the non-profit sector, academics and other subjects related to aging.

The international conference is also attended by similar entities from abroad. The network of the project already includes several hundred professionals. The project is a joint initiative of the nonprofit Center for Active Aging and Keynote.

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