Orpea Group formally reject all accusations of Victor Castanet’s book “Les Fossoyeurs”

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An article published in today’s Le Monde newspaper reveals the first elements of the book of Victor Castanet “Les Fossoyeurs” (The Gravediggers) to be published targeting ORPEA. These elements, which are both polemical and aggressive, demonstrate a clear desire to harm the Group. We formally reject all of these accusations, which we consider to be false, outrageous and prejudicial.

Such attacks are unfortunately not new but are extremely violent in a context where our teams have been more engaged than ever over the past two years due to the health crisis. We cannot allow such sensationalist and misleading drifts to tarnish the image of ORPEA and the sector.

Nursing home bashing

For thirty years, ORPEA, its managers and employees have always placed the well-being of residents, the support of teams and professional ethics at the heart of their actions and the Company’s development. Every year, the Group conducts a satisfaction survey among its residents and families, carried out by an independent external organization.

The latest results show an average recommendation rate of 95%.

Furthermore, ORPEA operates in a sector that is subject to strict regulations and regular controls by the public authorities. It would obviously not have been able to ensure its development in France and internationally if it had not scrupulously respected its obligations.

ORPEA has already contacted its lawyers

ORPEA, which does not yet have a copy of the book, has already contacted its lawyers to take all necessary steps, including legal action, to set the record straight and defend its honor and that of its employees, who carry out their admirable mission on a daily basis with professional integrity and commitment.

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