Essence SmartCare Spain wins the Ibernex challenge with the Care@Home™ predictive telecare solution

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Essence SmartCare Spain, a subsidiary of the Israel-based multinational Essence Group, has won the Ibernex challenge, launched by Aragon Open Future, with its advanced Care@Home™ remote assistance platform.

This technology solution, which allows older people to age in their own home safely and independently, integrates different activity sensors that constantly learn and adapt to users’ daily behaviour and habits, providing alerts of different severity levels when it perceives a deviation from the daily routines, such as staying in bed longer, leaving a door open, or excessive use of the bathroom.

These real-time personalized alerts, to family members or the remote monitoring center, allow for the detection of possible deterioration of the well-being of the elderly at very early stages.

The winning predictive solution is complemented by other intelligent alerting devices, such as fall detectors and voice-activated devices that allow the caregiver to communicate in any circumstance.

The technological challenge launched by Ibernex, belonging to Grupo Pikolin, through Aragón Open Future, is an open innovation initiative by Telefónica in alliance with T-ZIR, saw 50 companies take part (39 Spanish and 11 international). Essence SmartCare as the winner of the challenge will develop a project with, and financed by, Ibernex. During the evaluation process, the nine most innovative projects have participated in a virtual trip coordinated by Aragón Open Future in which, together with Ibernex, their proposals have evolved whilst they had the opportunity to give visibility to their companies to the other projects.

As a result, Ibernex and Essence SmartCare draw a path towards the change of the social paradigm regarding advanced Telecare technologies. Developing innovative remote predictive monitoring solutions, based on IoT devices and artificial intelligence, that allow the elderly to age in their own home.

Essence SmartCare is part of the Essence Group, a global leader in the IoT device market, that provides advanced solutions for the security, health and beauty sectors. Its Spanish subsidiary has been presenting innovative proposals in the field of advanced telecare for years

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