Home care services : Arkéa On Life creates a new connected hub

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Arkéa On Life is proud to announce that its new connected hub dedicated to home care services has received the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) from the Enovation Group (Verklizan). This means that the hub is now compatible with all emergency call centers in Europe using Enovation services.

The new hub includes emergency services for the elderly, as well as social networking services with video capability. It has an open architecture that allows it to be connected to many peripherals (fall detector, motion detector, optical sensors…).

Arkéa On Life and Libify have joined forces to offer a global offer of connected telecare services in Germany

It is particularly well suited to retirement homes, nursing homes and home care facilities :

  • For example, in the home, the Arkea hub can be connected to an automatic fall detector (with the European social alarm standard 869 MhZ).
  • In senior residences, the Arkea hub can be linked to connected locks to trigger the opening of the door in case of an alarm and facilitate the intervention of the emergency services. Customized integration can be done via AS2D.
  • In nursing homes, the Arkea hub is compatible with VA2CS (C2S) optical sensors that detect falls without the elderly person having to wear a button. It can also be used to carry out video rounds.

The new touchscreen hub is thus positioned as a hub of services for European professionals in the field of home care or in senior residences

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