Nutri-Culture: a technological and pleasant solution to face elderly undernutrition

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At the end of March, a UFC-Que choisir survey focused on the link of causality between low quality of food, staff shortage, poorly adapted schedules for meals, and undernutrition problems that have been growing in many medical-social establishments for the elderly.

Nutri-Culture is a member of Silver Valley. It proposes a cooking concept that aims to “stop the elderly undernutrition”. This process allows adapts all meals to each person’s eating abilities, thanks to a nice and well-done presentation (Nutri-Culture moulds and skills), adapted textures (unique texturizing), controlled intakes and preserved flavour.

modified food
Nutri-Culture was a national price-winner of the Charles Foix grant on December 4th, 2014 in the social life category. The team was rewarded for their innovative project to improve the quality of life and the autonomy of elderly people and/or their caregivers.

Nutri-Culture: a global cooking concept that “restores the desire to eat”

tarte tatin finger food
A 4 Textures Tarte Tatin
• On the top: Tarte Tatin’s foam
• On the right: adapted for finger food
• Below: traditional one
• On the left: modified texture Tarte Tatin

After five years of research and development, the Nutri-Culture team has developed texturizing to mix food and to ensure that the food is adapted to every elderly person’s needs and abilities: this can include reconstituted food, eating with hands, etc. Everything can be adapted to the needs of people who suffer from dysphagia or from chewing.

The texturizing properties allow to cook everything, and therefore to reintroduce food that was impossible to eat for many elderly people, such as: sausages, leek vinaigrette, hamburger, hard caramel, sauerkraut, rougail (Creole spice) sausage, Russian salad, pea, beefsteak …

A catering multi-professional approach

The Nutri-Culture team has developed a catering concept, including adapted and easy cooking recipes, specific moulds, dishes presentation’s accessories, evaluation approaches and training modules that encourage cookers as caregivers to adopt a “new culture of nutrition”.

Modified texture Peas
Modified texture Peas (Nutri-Culture’s silicone moulds)

In their multi-professional teams’ training process, Nutri-Culture integrates and promotes finger food: thanks to it, several elderly persons can feed throughout the day “by pecking” and can get the nutritional necessary contributions on a daily basis.

pork chop, Broccoli, cauliflower, Carrot
Modified texture dish: pork chop, Broccoli, cauliflower, Carro

The team also wishes to restore the meal as a real moment of conviviality for everyone. With Nutri-Culture, people share the same number of dishes, the same forms, colours and flavours, while respecting cultures, traditions and everyone’s faculties (100 % plant texturizing is available – no change of taste).

The cost of Nutri-Culture’s technique is about €0,50 per meal.

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