Sennheiser: wireless headphones for hearing-impaired people

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Sennheiser recently launched RS 195, new wireless headphones that were conceived specifically for people with hearing impairment due to ageing. The product was designed to match users’ needs and habits.

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With the help of the Fraunhofer Institute, Sennheiser RS 195 was conceived for the elderly and for hearing-impaired people. Fraunhofer Institute manager said that “our studies regarding aged people suffering from hearing loss show that the signal treatment we integrate in our products improves intelligibility”.

Sennheiser RS 195 works with a multi-purpose transmitter. The numerous settings and functionalities enables the user to adapt it to your own hearing condition.


  • 7 presets to adapt to several sound profiles;
  • An ergonomic design in order to surround the entire ear: sound can be completely reproduced;
  • An additional noise suppression mode for clearer dialogues and superior speech intelligibility, when watching TV, for instance.

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  1. My mom is almost completely deaf. On her iPad the sound is turned up to 9 and on her personal amplifier up to 5 or higher. Her deafness is worst in the middle of words. Do you produce a speaker that produces sound louder than the typical levels?

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