Infographics: Falls management in care homes, a major challenge

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Tarkett FloorInMotion has recently published an infographics about “Falls in Nursing Homes: What additionals solutions to help prevent these risks?”. Discover it below.

Falls management in care homes, a major challenge

In recent years, falls have been the leading cause of accidental death among seniors with 40,000 deaths in Europe per year. Every year, a third of people over 65 fall each year. And after 80, over half of seniors fall at least once a year.

Nursing homes are particularly exposed to this issue as seniors are between 30 and 54% more likely to have a fall than at home. The gradually increasing average age (85) for a senior to be admitted into a retirement homes explains these numbers. So a fall risk management is a major challenge for institutions that need to implement effective actions to prevent falls, identify those at risk and deal quickly with incidents.

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Falls-in-Carehomes by Tarkett FloorInMotion


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