How would we look like in our 70s?

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Is it possible to project ourselves into the future and take a glimpse of what we would look like with grey hair and marked wrinkles? Cut Video, along with Field Day makes this possible for a young couple. They are ageing together in a several-hour-long project which will tear you up and which really caught the attention of the staff. We loved it, we share it!

Sans titreImagine you are 90 years old

The project itself is a lifetime opportunity: to see yourself into the future.
The main characters are Kristie and Tavis, a real life couple, who is getting married and wanted to experience something thrilling and unusual before writing down their wows: ageing together about two or three decades. The video is funny and sweet, it is certainly worth a few tears, seeing how this couple ages and fall in love again and again…

The make-up chain in incredible, highly-formed make-up artists participated on this project. The ageing effects are astonishing.
Once again, we are showed that growing old is not an end. It is a journey. It is up to us to choose the ones walking by our side.


This project reminds the initiative launched by the French website during last fall. It consisted in inviting all Silver economy actors and citizens to face the future and see themselves aged.

This Twitter campaign took place in order to raise awareness among people that the ageing process concerns all of us. Furthermore, we all should participate and be a part of the changes that are taking place.
The message couldn’t have been clearer: TousSilver (in French: AllSilver)


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