Grace and Frankie: a TV series with and for the elderly

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A new TV series has been available on Netflix since last May: the casting is composed by actors in their seventies. It is about Grace and Frankie, where the starring characters are performed by Jane Fonda, 77 years-old and Lily Tomlin, 75.

Grace and Frankie: when the elderly have the title roles

Grace & Frankie TV showGrace and Frankie is written and produced by the creators of the mythical series Friends. It tells the story of two couples in their seventies. Their quiet, peaceful life is suddenly shattered when the two men declares their love for each other and confess being homosexuals. Their wives, who have never been particularly close to each other, see themselves forced to live together and to face the challenges of their new lives. The first season has 13 episodes, all available on Netflix.

This American comedy is the first one who introduce the audience into the daily life of old peoples. Is there a new trend? Recently, there have been several Hollywood movies starring the elderly, including Youth, a Palm d’Or nominee.

Little by little society begins to change the way the elderly are being perceived. They are no longer secondary characters. Today they are the stars. As a matter of fact, the elderly will soon become a major party of the audience.

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