Helmet: a connected camera to watch over your relatives

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iFamCare is an American startup co-founded by Elnaz  Sarraf and… her cat Homer. She designed Helmet, a connected security camera to keep an eye on your household. It includes several functionalities and is remotely controllable thanks to a free app.

Helmet-4A multi-function connected camera to watch over your relatives

Connected objects are wonderful tools to watch over your relatives.

Such is the case of the connected camera Helmet acccording to its designers in the United States. The camera was inspired by a cat named Homer: its initial goal was to watch over pets and entertain them. However, its numerous functions turn it into a telesurveillance and communications device to allow, according to its conceivers, to keep on eye on your children or an elderly relative.

Helmet’s features

Helmet has:

  • Camera connectée, télésurveillance a 1080p camera with nightvision to film one’s interior with a 360° angle. The owner can see the images live on their smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to take pictures.
  • a two-way microphone to communicate with your close ones through the app.
  • a smoke detector; in case of problem, an alert is sent to the user’s phone. Helmet also analyses the quality of the air.
  • a SD card port to stock data.
  • Helmet is connected to social networks so you may share videos and photos fast; note that it is possible to share the access to the camera to several people no matter the location.
  • Finally, the device includes a laser to play with pets at a distance.

Setting up the device is very simple since it does not require any particular configuration.

Presentation video

It is possible to support the project on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Helmet is internationally available for sale at $149 on the same website.

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