Hard heats: some precautions the elderly must take

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The elderly are particularly sensitive to weather changes, and especially to heatwave, as this week.

Indeed, they are suddenly exposed to the deshydration risks, then it is important to take some precautions in order to enjoy summer and be safe.

Seniors: be aware of hard heats !

Live heatwaves well is primordial to protect one’s health. Indeed, a hot flush can come up at anytime if the body does not regulate its temperature and it warms up too fast. Some headaches may appear, muscular cramps, heard nauseas or intense thirst.

If you notice some agressivity from an old person of your entourage which is unusual, a high temperature or any alarming sign in this summer period, it can be a hot flush. It is necessary then to lower the body temperature and avoid all kind of activities during several hours.

Yet, be careful, if symptoms remain, directly call “15” with your phone to get the emergency services in France.

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Some advices for elderly during heatwave

  • WaterAvoid going out and practicing outdoor activities between noon and 4 p.m in the summer.
  • Wear light colour clothes and always protect your hair for going out.
  • Take regular showers or cool off your face and arms with a spray bottle.
  • Air where you live by making drafts.
  • Hydrate yourself as much as possible by regularly drinking water or juices.

Memo: what to do in the event  of deshydration

Drink fresh water
Rest in a shady place
Take a shower or spray water on your body
Put ice packs on your legs and wrists

Retirement houses are sensitized about the heatwave risks

Ventilateur-CaniculeIn nursing homes or any other specializing establishment, strict instructions are now mandatory during heatwave. The medical staff must make sure the elderly are protected from hot temperature as much outside as inside the facility they live in.

Multipurpose rooms must be air-conditionned, fans have to be available and drinks regularly proposed.

Besides, doctors must adapt the residents’ medical treatments, that can sometimes raise the deshydration risks.

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