Doro study: “Are French elders as connected as their European neighbors?”

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In November 2014, Doro, a global leader in telecom for seniors, has released a study conducted in 4 European countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany and Sweden) on 1600 people over 60 years old. The study focuses on the connectivity of French seniors compared to their neighbors’.

Seniors show heterogeneous user profiles towards technology

logo doroThe study reveals 6 different profiles of seniors in regards to new technologies, from the “geek” to the reluctant senior.

Disparities between countries are significant. In France, 32% of respondents are looking for simplicity, security and closeness to relatives. 22% of German seniors are interested in the reliability of the product and the independence it can bring them. 29% of English respondents are geek seniors: they appear to be the most connected and enthusiastic towards new technologies. They are looking for new experiences and to master the “tech” language. As for Sweden, the 6 different profiles are quite balanced between respondents without any strong trends.

Seniors wish to be assisted to use new technologies

To get used to new technologies, seniors are expecting to be guided in the learning process. They are generally open to novelties, they wish to keep their pace and are looking for advice without feeling too much “assisted”. The respondents have mainly expressed interest towards the intergenerational link, staying connected to their environment and being able to keep up with the trend like their grandchildren.

Doro Liberto®820 and My Doro Manager: user-friendly mobiles for seniors

To meet their users’ expectations, Doro relied Doro Liberto 820on the results of this study to design its new smartphone: Doro Liberto® 820. To accompany seniors users, Doro has integrated the My Doro Manager app, which has two main functions:

  • Close relatives can remotely configure their parents’ Doro Liberto® 820, give them user advice, share content and even suggest apps.
  • Users of the Doro Liberto® 820 have access to tutorials and recommendations. They can manage their relatives’ access to the phone.

The Doro Liberto® 820 has an assistance button that was developed according the users’ needs revealed by the study. The Doro Liberto® 820 has been designed with the functionalities expeccted from a smart phone. “With HD Voice for greater hearing, and large icons on a crystal clear display, the new Doro Liberto® 820 makes it simple to see what you want, do what you like, and communicate with those you love.”

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