Denmark: Cycling with the elderly

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If you wander the streets of Denmark, you may have the opportunity to see older people being carried on customised bicycles, by local volunteers. Two and a half years ago, a project saw the light for which everyone was invited to get involved and participate, to improve the well-being of the elderly.

Give a free ride to the elderly

This project started two and a half years ago in Copenhagen, on the initiative of Ole Kassow. One morning, he noticed a lonely old man, sitting on a bench. Suddenly he came up with the idea to give the old man a ride on his way to the office.

Little by little this initiative became more than a simple idea, when both parties realised the benefits the ride had on them: Ole Kassow felt really helpful and the old man didn’t feel lonely anymore.

Creating bonds

This is how the “Cycling Without Age” project was born. Spreading through Denmark, then Norway, it has now reached an international level. Kassow managed to gather more and more people, sharing his idea and willing to help the elderly to not feel lonely anymore.

In Denmark and Norway there are more than 300 locations and 2000 volunteers. Furthermore, 25 cities worldwide now counts on “pilots” willing the give a ride to the elderly.

Today “Cycling Without Age”, which is now an official non-profit organization, is represented in 14 countries around the world, from Singapore to the United States and Argentina.

Above all, the project remains a means of creating an intergenerational bound, to help the elderly overpass their monotonous everyday life.

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