An Ally Against the Multiplication of Bed Bugs at home or in collective housing : LAURASTAR IZZI

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Major cities around the world are grappling with a concerning increase in bed bug infestations. These troublesome parasites, which feed on human blood, can wreak havoc in our homes, hotels, and in collective housing like nursing homes. In Paris, panic is growing just months ahead of the Olympics. Treatments to combat them can be costly, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Laurastar has demonstrated the effectiveness of its product, LAURASTAR IZZI, in eliminating 100% of bed bugs at all stages of their development, without chemicals, and without the risk of creating resistance. These tests were conducted by an independent French laboratory in 2021.

What is a bed bug ?

Bed bugs are small, brownish insects measuring 4 to 7 mm in length, resembling apple seeds or confetti. These nocturnal creatures feed on human blood and are often associated with beds, where they hide during the day. A bed bug has an average lifespan of 6 to 24 months and goes through five developmental stages, each marked by a blood meal. A single female can lay up to 500 eggs. Their resilience allows them to survive without a meal for over a year under favorable conditions.

Why the increase in bed bugs ?

While bed bugs have existed for millennia and do not transmit diseases, their proliferation has intensified since the 1990s, especially in major cities. This spread is attributed to increased mobility, with people inadvertently carrying these pests in their luggage from infested areas. Additionally, the banning of certain harmful insecticides has made traditional pest control methods less effective, further favoring their multiplication.

How do they end up in hotels?

The global spread of bed bugs in hotels is mainly due to passive movement of these parasites. It is the guests who unintentionally transport them to new places of residence during their travels. As a result, cases are mainly found in urban areas, and the most common causes of bed bug infestations in establishments include :

  • Clothing and luggage
  • Staff
  • External suppliers
  • Laundry

This risk does not depend on the cleanliness of the room or the hotel’s status : even the most luxurious establishments face this problem.

Only perfect preventive hygiene measures aimed at actively treating an infestation are effective in stopping the contamination and spread of bed bugs to other places. One of the main challenges posed by these pests is their ability to hide very effectively, making them difficult to detect, and most importantly, they can live without feeding for up to a year and a half, or even two years, under favorable conditions (temperature, protection, etc.).

Here are the areas where bed bugs prefer to nest :

  • Mattress seams
  • Cracks in walls, floors, and furniture
  • Bed frames
  • Behind paintings
  • Under baseboards
  • In electrical outlets
  • Closets, nightstands, etc.
  • Curtains
  • At the foot of the bed

LAURASTAR IZZI : A Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Solution for Battling Bed Bugs

LAURASTAR IZZI, with its exclusive Laurastar DMS steam, stands out as an exceptionally effective solution for eliminating bed bugs at all stages of their development, including eggs. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, which are ineffective against eggs and create resistance in adults, LAURASTAR IZZI guarantees complete elimination in a single intervention, thus avoiding the costly need for multiple treatments while waiting for hatching. This unparalleled effectiveness comes at a significantly lower cost than often expensive professional interventions, which can amount to several thousand francs.

In addition to its effectiveness against bed bugs, LAURASTAR IZZI offers exceptional versatility by also eliminating lice, mites, bacteria, and viruses. This ability to eliminate various parasites and pathogens makes it a valuable investment in maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe living environment. LAURASTAR IZZI is the comprehensive solution that meets the needs of individuals and professionals concerned with efficiency, versatility, and cost control in pest and health threat control.

The Advantages of Laurastar DMS Steam Compared to Other Methods of Control

When it comes to combating bed bug infestations, Laurastar DMS steam stands out with a series of unmatched advantages compared to other commonly used methods :

  • Compared to chemical treatments : Unlike traditional chemical treatments, Laurastar DMS steam is both effective and non-toxic to humans. It acts on all stages of bed bug development, including eggs, while avoiding the creation of resistance, a common issue with chemicals.
  • Compared to washing at 60°C : While high-temperature washing may be a solution for washable items, Laurastar DMS steam offers a significant advantage by being applicable to non-washable items, such as mattresses, furniture, and decorative objects.
  • Compared to freezing : Laurastar DMS steam distinguishes itself by its ability to be used even on large objects. Unlike freezing, which can be space and time-consuming, Laurastar DMS steam is convenient and effective for quickly disinfecting large items.
  • Compared to diatomaceous earth : Unlike diatomaceous earth, which needs to be scattered in many places in the home, Laurastar DMS steam offers a clean and residue-free solution. This means you don’t have to worry about additional cleaning after application, making it a practical option for cleanliness-conscious users. In summary, Laurastar DMS steam proves to be a preferred solution for effectively eliminating bed bugs in an efficient, versatile, and human-safe manner. With its undeniable advantages, it represents a significant advancement in the fight against these troublesome pests.

Please note that not all steam devices are effective against bed bugs. The temperature and diffusion speed must be sufficient, and efficacy must be proven in a laboratory. Laurastar DMS steam meets these demanding criteria.

Protocols to Prevent Infestations

As bed bugs are photosensitive, they hide in dark and inaccessible places, making chance detection at the beginning of an infestation particularly challenging. Implementing a preventive intervention protocol with every guest departure will help mitigate the risk of new infestations and effectively contain the risk, preventing potential spread to other rooms. By taking preventive measures, it is possible to avoid a severe infestation in a hotel.

The first signs of a bed bug problem should be recognized as soon as possible :

  • Housekeeping staff should be trained to detect the signs.
  • Bed bug inspection should be integrated into the daily cleaning routine.
  • A preventive action procedure should be implemented after eachdeparture to limit the risk and effectively contain the infestation’s spread to other rooms.

Preventive “Departure” Procedure for Bed Bugs in Addition to the Standard Cleaning Protocol

This preventive protocol should be carried out with each guest’s departure. It includes several mechanical measures that complement the standard cleaning protocol. For long stays, it is advisable to apply this protocol 15 days after the guest’s arrival. It takes at least 15 days for bed bugs to become adults, so applying this preventive procedure on the 15th day will break their reproductive cycle. As a reminder, thermal treatments are effective at all stages of a bed bug’s life (from eggs to adults). To facilitate treatment, we strongly recommend using bed bug-proof covers on the mattress and box spring. They are airtight and equipped with special fastenings, so even if bed bugs can move on them, they will not be able to penetrate the mattress or box spring. This type of product will not only protect expensive bedding from infestation but also enable more rapid and effective steam treatment.

In conclusion, prevention and vigilance are essential in the fight against bed bugs. LAURASTAR IZZI offers an innovative solution with its 150°C DMS steam, which eliminates bed bugs at all stages, from eggs to adults, in just 5 seconds, without the use of harmful chemicals. Thanks to its versatility, it also helps to naturally sanitize your living environment without chemicals. Hotel teams must be trained to detect bed bugs and implement prevention protocols to prevent infestations.

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