Ageing well at home: Delta Dore offers tailored solutions that promote autonomy

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Social topics of particular relevance, ageing well at home and the role of caregivers, affect millions of French people. Today, 5.7 million individuals require assistance with daily tasks, and 1 in 6 adults is a caregiver. Part of the solution lies within our homes: properly adapted and connected to meet the needs of each household, they can help facilitate the lives of occupants for longer periods and alleviate the daily burden on caregivers.

A connected home that preserves autonomy

Sometimes, it’s the small details that can simplify daily life. Opening the gate, closing the shutters, turning on the light at night, managing heating… all everyday actions that can be done with a single click using a connected home. Delta Dore provides solutions to all these issues through tailored and user-friendly connected devices. Here are two very concrete examples.

Lighting automation

In France, around 450,000 people aged over 65 fall victim to a fall each year, and 8 times out of 10 it occurs at home. While the risk of falling is present during the day, it is exacerbated at night. Darkness, loss of visual references, as well as the possible effects of medication, are aggravating factors.

A Tyxia switch placed next to the bed and connected to the Delta Dore system could, for example, be configured to trigger the “turn on hallway lights” scenario. The occupant has easy access to light and can move around more confidently at night.

Delta Dore’s boxes and modules are compatible with voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa, allowing users to control their lighting with voice commands for an even simpler and more intuitive solution. As autonomy-preserving situations often change over time, the need for assistance becomes greater. Delta Dore’s connected solutions all work together within a single ecosystem centralized by a smart home hub, enabling the addition of equipment over time.

Automation of openings

67% of individuals aged over 65 are interested in managing openings such as shutters, lighting, and heating. Automated roller shutters can truly relieve and assist in daily tasks, especially if the house is large or if manual shutters are too difficult to open and close.

Tymoov roller shutter motors can be programmed and controlled locally or remotely. Depending on needs, they can all open and close at the same time at a fixed hour or following the sunrise/sunset schedule, or according to a different timing in each room.

If roller shutter motors are already in place, it is possible to add a small micromodule behind the shutter switch; Tyxia 5630.

Solutions that reassure and lighten the mental burden of caregivers

9.3 million people in France report regularly providing assistance to a family member with a disability or loss of autonomy. These caregivers play a role that is still largely underestimated, undervalued, yet crucial in the delicate balance of ageing well at home in France.

While human support is irreplaceable, Delta Dore can provide simple-to-use complementary connected solutions to reassure caregivers when they are not with their loved ones and to alleviate their daily burden.

To be quickly alerted in case of a domestic incident or intrusion

Smoke detectors, water leak detectors, power outage monitors, intrusion alarm systems, outdoor motion detectors, or opening detectors… These are all existing equipment options at Delta Dore that, once connected to the hub, can generate smartphone notifications to the designated person in the system in the event of activation.

It’s a solution to quickly receive alerts, even from a distance, in case of problems and to take action promptly.

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