Kwido’s advanced and predictive telecare arrives in Treviso

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After previously working with cognitive stimulation in some Italian organizations and with a project to combat social isolation of the elderly in Turin, Kwido started a new project in Italy, between december and january.

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MildSIGHT : telecare assistance for the ederly in their homes

Taking a step forward with a new project in Treviso (Veneto Region), Kwido developed MildSIGHT, a project involving advanced and predictive telecare. It will be carried out by the ISRAA (Institute of Hospitalization and Care Services for the Elderly) of the city of Treviso.

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What does the project involve?

MildSIGHT will offer telecare to older people in their homes from the ISRAA center using Kwido technology. Key aspects of the project are:

  • The user goes to the center or receives a visit from the case manager;
  • The user’s home and needs, as well as their environment, are analyzed;
  • A personalized care plan is created and necessary modifications are negotiated and implemented;
  • This plan defines the interventions to be carried out with the user and the sensors that will be installed, as well as the use cases that will be monitored in a non-intrusive manner;
  • The user is provided with a kit consisting of a tablet with an internet connection. This tablet will be used to consult the activity calendar and to conduct various interventions: physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, leisure, etc;
  • Home sensors will activate alerts in case of non-compliance with the rules proposed according to the care plan. Alerts will also be activated if there are abnormal behaviors detected by the AI engine;
  • All management and communication with the elderly will be carried out by ISRAA case managers from the center using their Kwido web management application.

In this way, advanced and predictive telecare will begin to be used in an innovative and disruptive project. This project is funded by the Pharaon Project and includes integrations with Pharaon’s technologies.

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