Tunstall Vitaris, Creative Specific Software, and La Centrale de Services à Domicile (CSD) Wallonia join forces to offer teleassistance and home care services

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Teleassistance is a real preventive solution that helps reduce the serious consequences of falls. Recognizing the importance of developing teleassistance on a large scale, demonstrating the value of new digital technologies, and enabling their integration into teleassistance solutions, the Walloon region (Belgium), with the support of Europe, has launched a call for tenders for the implementation of activity monitoring and fall detection solutions. The contract was awarded to Tunstall Vitaris and Creative Specific Software with its VA²CS solution.

Teleassistance: Tunstall Vitaris and CREATIVE SPECIFIC SOFTWARE (C2S) join forces to win the tender led by Solidaris

Solidaris, the national union of socialist mutual societies of Belgium, issued a call for tender for the provision of digital assistance equipment as part of a multidisciplinary approach to serving beneficiaries. The aim is to secure the individual by analyzing their lifestyle habits within their environment, detecting hazards and/or abnormal situations, and triggering alerts. The proposal offered by Tunstall Vitaris and Creative Specific Software was the most convincing.

In addition to the digital assistance equipment, this project also aims to increase the provision of reception and accommodation for the most vulnerable individuals (homeless or inadequately housed people, etc.) and to create inclusive and supportive living environments for people losing their autonomy, following a logic of deinstitutionalization and reducing the digital divide. The spaces created will help prevent hospitalizations and admissions to dedicated housing facilities for people with disabilities or nursing homes.

4000 solutions deployed for the implementation of telemonitoring

This ambitious project aims to define a strategy for deinstitutionalization in Wallonia, to conduct an inventory, and to make recommendations for operationalizing the strategy. Work will be carried out for three types of infrastructures (inclusive housing, reception spaces, and accommodation for inadequately housed populations), and intuitive teleassistance devices will be installed in the homes of people losing their autonomy. Digital assistance will also be installed at home to support the independent living of people losing their autonomy.

Activity monitoring and fall detection

The proposed activity monitoring and fall detection solution was deemed the most relevant based on a Proof of Concept (POC), a rigorous multi-criteria analysis, and practical testing of the solution against other French and Belgian solutions. The Creative Specific Software solution offered by Tunstall, composed of sensors and cameras, allows for the weekly generation of an activity report for an occupational therapist. The solution provides real value to the beneficiary with the integration of care teams. This report analyzes the person’s activity, highlights areas of concern, and makes recommendations for actions.

Alain Monteux - Tunstall France Benelux's President

The success of this new market demonstrates Tunstall’s ability to implement a wide range of solutions integrating the best of new technologies and to build partnerships with innovative and reliable actors like CREATIVE SPECIFIC SOFTWARE (C2S). It is a great proof of trust from our clients CSD (Home Services Center) and TAMVitaris (Teleassistance Mons). Once again, it demonstrates the importance of the involvement of public authorities for the large-scale deployment of Teleassistance. It is time to catch up on our delay compared to our European neighbors.

Alain Monteux – Tunstall France Benelux’s President

An exclusive teleassistance device stemming from R&D: security, GDPR compliance, and cutting-edge technology

The digital assistance system is characterized by the placement of environmental sensors connected to a box (artificial intelligence) in the homes of individuals. This box will analyze the person’s lifestyle rhythm through continuous machine learning software. In strict compliance with GDPR standards, the system analyzes the collected data regarding the person’s daily activities, with minimal impact on the beneficiary’s privacy. Thus, in case of abnormal situations, an alert will be triggered via the transmission base to notify the call center and a close contact if necessary.

Beneficiaries will thus benefit from an exclusive device thanks to the security of the latest generation teleassistance equipment developed through Tunstall’s R&D.

For over 12 years now, my teams and I have been working to design and develop the best telemonitoring solution on the market. Winning this market with our long-standing partner Tunstall Vitaris once again proves that we have not strayed from the right path.

Ramzi Larbi – General Manager of Creative Specific Software

We are delighted to collaborate once again with Tunstall, which is a longstanding partner of the CSD. We are excited to deploy digital assistance in households. This technology is primarily aimed at serving humanity. It represents the future of care and home support. The success of this system relies on its reliability, and we have no doubt that we have found the ideal partner. Tunstall is opening the door for us to build this project hand in hand. We aim to evolve it together to offer the most suitable device for people’s needs. Our goal is to provide optimal quality of life for our beneficiaries and reassure their loved ones.

Francis Lejeune – IT manager of the Walloon CSD

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