A 92-year-old Singaporean woman working at McDonald’s

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Retirees usually look for leisure and some peace and quiet. But 92-year-old  Singaporean Goh Gwek Eng has found another way to “fend off boredom”.

Working at McDonald’s at 92 to “fend off boredom”?


Source : The Straits Times

Goh Gwek Eng is not your regular employee. She’s been working at the famous fast-food chain since 1998, and says she’s “set on keeping it up as long as her health will allow.”

Why would she choose to keep working at her age?

Goh Gwek Eng  spent most of her life taking care of her family; after her children left home, she set out to find something to keep her busy. 18 years ago, she landed a position at McDonald’s with the help of one of her grand-children, making her the elder employee according to local newspapers The Straits Times.

Funny story : in 2014, McDonald’s had to face widespread protest in Korea, and even a call for boycott after a Korean grandpa “gang” was asked to leave the premises after occupying it every day for several hours.

Nearly two decades after she landed the position, Goh Gwek Eng still expresses a need to stay active and “keep herself busy”. Her colleagues help her and make her feel supported, which gives her another incentive to keep working. Singaporean society may be quite different from Western societies, but the question remains : is working at McDonald’s the only way to “fend off boredom”?

What do you think about working at age 92 to fight boredom?

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