When “Fit Grandpa” goes to the Olympics

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Could it be the Olympics ? Sports is in the air. The pictures of the athletic Mr McEntire lifting himself off the ground with the help of a pole have gone around on Twitter

Wayne McEntire, Twitter’s coolest grandpa

When “Fit grandpa” goes to the Olympics, physical prowess rarely remains in stadiums. When Britton Baker tweeted pictures of his grandfather holding a pole and lifting himself off the ground in Rio’s metro, he certainly didn’t expect them to go viral on Twitter, never mind earning his grandfather the title of “Fit Grandpa”Fit-Grandpa-métro Olympics sports senior elderly

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68-year-old Wayne McEntire came to Rio in order to watch the Olympic Games with his grandson, and they might have given him a few ideas. When a good Samaritan offers him his seat on the metro of Rio, judging that acts speak louder than words, he gave him a gym performance for his trouble.

There are several years of discipline to his physical prowess: his grandson reported that the senior trained daily, using light weights in order not to hurt his joints. He is a fan of sporting events and already witnessed four Olympic Games in person.

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