Innovation 2030 : Silver economy 7th ambition of the global innovation competition

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A reception to honor the winners of the global innovation competition was held Wednesday, July 23 2014 at the Elysee Palace.

Responded with an introductory speech, Arnaud Montebourg, (former) Minister of Economy and Anne Lauvergeon, president of the “Innovation 2030” commission, former CEO of Alcatel and Areva has joined SIGFOX a few months ago as president of the StartUp.

During the reception, various roundtables were devoted to the 7 ambitions of this contest, including one devoted to the silver economy, in the presence of Innovation Commissionner Jacques BIOT and Louis de Lilliers, co-founder and CEO of the PlugMed company.

The reception ended with a speech by François Hollande and a “family photo” of the 110 winners of the contest who should soon receive 200,000 Euros. 1200 startups have applied for this innovation contest.

elysee laureats du concours mondial d'innovation

Global Innovation 2030 Competition

The Global Innovation Competition has identified a limited number of major opportunities with particularly strong potential for the French economy: 7 ambitions have emerged. They are based on strong societal expectations, growing sectors. These 7 ambitions will constitute 7 pillars for ensuring the prosperity and employment in France over the long term.

innovation 2030

françois hollande concours mondial de l'innovationThe seven strategic goals of innovation in 2030

  1. The energy storage.
    Innovation projects for intermittent energy storage or not.
  2. Metal recycling.
    Projects to become viable and effective metal recycling.
  3. The development of marine resources.
    Development projects of submarines metals.
    Projects promoting cheaper desalination solutions and / or more low energy seawater consumer.
  4. Vegetable proteins and plant chemistry.
    Food products development projects based on plant proteins.
  5. Individualized medicine.
    Projects promoting targeting therapeutic interventions eg based on genomics, medical devices and / or high-resolution imaging.
  6. The silver economy, innovation in the service of lifespan.
    Projects responding to the loss of independence for the elderly, related to robotics and home-medicine.
  7. The valuation of Big Data.
    Projects to better exploit the data and define new uses,  analytical models and valuation.

The aim of the competition is to make the talents and future champions of the French economy emerge by locating and supporting the growth of the French or foreign entrepreneurs whose innovation project has a particularly high potential for the French economy. Launched in December 2013, the global innovation competition has a 300 billion euros budget.

discours F Hollande concours mondial innovation a l'Elysée

The three steps of the World Innovation Contest.

  • Step 1 : Priming
    This phase was used to select one hundred projects in upstream development stage: all ideas, all initiatives, all projects have been applying.  After the selection process conducted by the Commission, the best business projects selected will receive funding as a grant up to € 200,000 per project.
  • Phase 2 : Accompaniment
    This phase will accompany the most promising projects in the rising phase of the risks with development work on a larger scale. 
  • Phase 3 : Development
    This last phase will support a final project selection in their industrialization and marketing scale of the projects in phase 2. The potential public support could be also multiplied by 10 compared to the previous phase, ie EUR 20 billion.

Silver économy : The winners of the Global Innovation Competition

Among the top 110 winners of global innovation competition, were distinguished in the growth area of the Silver Economy:

  • Check@flash (STREAMVISION)
  • FeetMe
  • Geroneph (PlugMed Heart)
  • LoxBox (Air Liquide SA)
  • REHAB E-NOVATION (Genious Systemes)
  • SUAVA (UroMems)
  • Aides Auditives Binorales (3D Sound Lab)
  • BUDDY (Blue Frog Robotic)
  • CATHARSIS (Vence Innovation)
  • SOFT FOOD (Gel Manche)
  • TOMM (Microvitae Technologies)
  • Wandercraft
  • WIG -Where is Granny- (MyFOX)

> Global Innovation Competition site
> The site of the Elysée about the Global Innovation Competition

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  1. C’est en effet une bonne nouvelle que l’innovation puisse aussi bénéficier au médico-social et aux personnes âgées. La silver économie sera certainement créatrice d’emploi et il y a tant à faire pour que la domotique ou de nouveaux services apparaissent. Mais il faut aussi que les personnes âgées puissent financer tous ces nouveaux services.

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