SensFloor®: a smart floor to detect falls

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The German company Future Shape created SensFloor®, a smart floor that detects falls and immediately sends an alarm signal when a fall occurs. It was specifically conceived for care facilities. This sensitive floor warns the caregivers in case one of the residents falls. The product can also be installed in individuals’ homes. Is could be a suitable solution to secure the environment and allow the elderly to remain home.

smart floor fallsA smart floor able to “communicate”

SensFloor® is a sensitive floor, able to communicate and detect the presence of a lying person before sending accurate signal alerts.

It is a textile-based underlay with integrated microelectronics and sensors that can be installed underneath almost any type of floor covering (PVC, carpet, and laminate). Whenever a person walks across the floor, sensor signals are sent to a control unit. The system was designed so it could make the difference between a person standing or lying on the floor. The sensors can also identify the number of people present or the direction of their movement. This information can be crucial especially in home care residences, where the medical staff and the caregivers can prevent severeaccidents as soon as an unusual event occurs.

Sensors can also help to control an automatic door to detect intrusions, to monitor the users’ activity etc. The system is rather complex, which is why it requires an individual and tailored-made process of installing it.

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