Seniors and hip hop give a rather wild result

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We like to end the week on a light and musical note, which is why we’re sharing our favourite weekly discovery, which is two senior choirs: the first one comes from First Baptist Church in Georgia, and the second one is called the Young@heart choir.

They are both made up of seniors who enjoy doing covers of famous titles in various musical styles. Remember that music is very much recommended for seniors.

Members of the senior choir of First Baptist Church in Georgia (USA) enjoy all music styles. They made the bold choice to sing hip hop songs: Eminem, Outcast, Pussycat Dolls… below is a video of their covers.
« Senior Citizen Choir takes on Hip-Hop »

Members of the Young@Heart choir cover many titles in various musical genres. We have a soft spot for the cover of « Staying alive » by the Bee Gees.

More recently, the Choir covered titre « Where Is My Mind » for its second intergenerational concert held in Chicago.

Vidéo « Where Is My Mind » Young@Heart, SciTech Band, Chicago Children’s Choir & Hampshire YP Chorus

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