Review on the ALFRED project, a personal mobile assistant for seniors

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ALFRED is a European project of 11 partners from 5 European countries; it aims to create a personal mobile assistant for seniors to fight decreasing independence. This will be possible thanks to the ALFRED application: a virtual smartphone butler controlled by voice.

ALFRED Serious Games: developing personalized solutions for every senior


The ALFRED project is making advances with the development of solutions to stay in shape thanks to personalized exercising. These exercises will stimulate and maintain seniors’ cognitive and physical abitilies.

The Game Manager is still being developed and will be in charge of checking and controlling games. For instance, it will suggest new games or applications to the user according to their abilities and preferences.

With the Game Manager, the user can also access the Alfred platform and play games with specific material needs: for example the BalanceFit, which is a game that helps improving coordination, strength and balance.

Other games are currently under development such as “Dance with ALFRED”, a multiplayer dancing game that works with ALFRED.

Wearable-Alfred-171x300An intelligent T-shirt for Alfred users

The development of a “Wearable” was initiated last November by AITEX, one of the partners on the ALFRED project. It is an intelligent T-shirt with captors to measure heart rate, temperature, movements… the research is focusing on two factors: low consumption of energy, and comfort for the user.

The ALFREDO Marketplace is taking shape

ALFREDO-1-163x300In order for ALFRED applications to be user-friendly, especially for seniors, an ALFREDO Marketplace is being built. It will allow seniors to look for specific or “serious games” applications to download.

ALFREDO users will be able to choose their graphic interface or to use their voice in order to make their research.

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