ReadSpeaker webReader: to make web content accessible to seniors

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After months of work, ReadSpeaker launches a new and improved solutions called “ReadSpeaker webReader”. This solution better reflects what it does: speech-enable website content, or quite literally, read websites out loud using our text-to-speech technology…

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Introducing ReadSpeaker webReader

Sometimes, website contents are not as accessible to the audience as they could be. This audience includes those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, language learners, the growing elderly population, and anyone else looking for a simpler way to access web content on the go.

Readspeaker-webreaderIt is possible to make it easier for the visitors to consume the content with ReadSpeaker webReader. Here’s a peek at some of the features:

  • New “Listen button” with an expand button to open a toolbar with many new features ;
  • The powerful toolbar provides your website readers with speech, reading and translation tools to help them fully understand your online content ;
  • The “Simplified View” tool offers distraction-free reading. You can view web pages in plain text format.
  • The “Read on Hover” tool helps readers focus on your web content, paragraph by paragraph. They can listen to a single paragraph being read out loud by simply hovering over it with their mouse.
  • The “Translation” feature will ensure your content reaches an international audience.
  • The “Word Lookup” tool helps your readers learn as they read your web pages. They just select a word on your website to find its definition in an online dictionary.

Watch the video about ReadSpeaker webReader:

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