[Photographs] Smile does not get old

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“Smile does not get old” is the beautiful project of the russian photographer Ilya Nodia, who chose to make elderly people’s smile immortal.

Commissioned by Senior Group, a russian company specialized in elderly care, the project “Smile does not get old” was shot during the summer 2018. Let’s discover a few of these amazing photographs! 

Smiles never grow old

Ilya Nodia explains his project : “This summer, the company Senior Group invited me to create with them a small but very touching and beautiful project about the smile. We visited several nursing homes, where for a few hours turned their cozy living in a mobile studio. As you know, the usual schedule was completely disrupted excitement and preparation for our meeting – the terms of flying straw hats elderly ladies were chosen outfits, powdered cheeks and great grandfathers tease their beards and corrected medals. A wonderful experience and a great atmosphere created by the smiles that never grow old.”

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Crédit : Ilya Nodia
Crédit : Ilya Nodia
Crédit : Ilya Nodia

Ilya Nodia captured seniors’ wisdom

Alexei Sidnev, CEO Senior Group, is very enthousiastic about “Smile does not get old” : “We at Senior Group were very happy to support Ilya in this project. Our residents took this photoshoot like an adventurous game. I know why photographers love to have elderly models – they are the most grateful audience and fun to work with. Ilya managed to capture what we see every day – seniors’ pure wisdom, their beauty, the strength of their characters, lessons from their life experience, calm but strong energy – so passionate message to the humanity.”

So do not forget to smile often, my friends!

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