Older people denied right to health and risk being left behind in push towards universal health coverage, new Global AgeWatch Insights reveals

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Last month, the Global AgeWatch Insights report was issued. It reveals the ways in which older people are being denied their right to health, and recommends improvements in data collection and health systems.

Older people are being denied the right to health

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On Universal Health Coverage day (12 December), HelpAge and AARP released a new report, Global AgeWatch Insights, revealing the ways in which older people are being denied their right to health and are at risk of being excluded in the push for universal health coverage. Findings include:

  • Data systems designed to inform the planning and delivery of health services systematically exclude older people
  • Older people are prevented from accessing health services by cost, lack of transport, discrimination, and inadequate training of health workers
  • Although women are living longer, they live more years in poor health, and with disability, depression and dementia.

HelpAge is calling on governments to include ageing and older people in national health policy, planning and implementation, and to make sure the right to health is enshrined in legislation at the national level.



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