Oct 09-11,2014 : 1st Silver Economy exhibition in China (SIC)

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From 09th to 11th October 2014, will be held the first Silver Economy trade faire in Guanzhou, China.
The 1st China International Silver Industry Exhibition gathers the most influential brands at home and abroad and lays its emphasis on showcasing and promoting the latest products, equipment and technology in the silver industry. It will provide a platform to communicate and cooperate with professionals in the silver industry.


About SIC

With over 200 billion seniors in China, the first SIC offers the opportunity to understand the Chinese government policy in matters of Silver Economy, and meet more than an hundred of Chinese entreprises to discover products intended for seniors and apprehend the expectations of the Chinese market.

As the Silver Economy is impacting every markets and industries, many exhibits will be provided during the 2014 SIC such as:

  • Rehabilitation and Nursing Products
  • Auxiliaries
  • Food, Pharmaceuticals, Dietary Supplements
  • Household Products for the Elderly
  • Elderly Support Real-Estate
  • Cultural and Education Services for the Elderly
  • Tourism and Leisure Services for the Elderly

According to the China’s Aging Population Trend Forecast, the country’s aging consumers will spend a total of RMB 1.4 trillion in 2012, which will grow to 4.3 trillion by 2020.
In 2015, the potential scale of the market for elderly nursing services and daily care in China will exceed RMB 450 billion, and more than 5 million jobs will be created.

A tough challenge as it is, this also presents valuable opportunities for manufacturers, investors, developers and operators to establish and expand their presence in the silver industry.

> More information about the First Silver Economy Exhibition in China

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