Nu-age: a European project to prevent the effects of aging with a dietary study

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Nu-age is a European project with a duration of 5 years which brings together 30 partners from 17 countries. 9 millions of dollars have been allocated for this project under the seventh “Food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology” EU’s program. The project Nu-age aims to show how nutrition can help control or slow the ageing process.

Eating well for ageing well

Cognitive decline, cardiovascular diseases, decreased bone mass, loss of muscle mass, digestive diseases, these pathologies suffered by many elderly can be slowed down or even prevented through good nutrition.

That is the reason why the European project Nu-age was launched in May 2011, eventually “the results will be translated into dietary recommendations, in particular, a new specific food pyramid for people over 65 years will be defined ” says Yves Bayon de Noyer, Vice-Président of ANIA (National Association of Food Industries).

Nutritionists, biogerontologists, immunologists and molecular biologists are involved in this project in which 1,250 healthy volunteers aged 65 and 79 participate. These volunteers are testing a new food pyramid that controls cognitive and physical decline. The impact of this new diet on their health is being studied by researchers.

The results from the project will allow Nu-age industrial agribusiness to develop best suited food for the physiology of the elderly but also for health professionals and qualified organizations in different countries to make dietary recommendations for European seniors.
Video introducin Nu-age program

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