M-Health : NetComm Wireless launches the n-Hub, a product to « transform the health care sector »

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NetComm Wireless Limited is an Australian company specialised in the development of wireless M2M (Machine to Machine) devices. It has entered the health sector with the launch of it NetComm Wireless n-Hub (NTC-20) at the mHealth Summit 2014 in Washington, DC.

The device was designed to answer the increasing international demand for M2M health care solutions. The n-Hub can connecft several mobile health devices with Bluetooth and Wifi connections while taking advantage of the speed of coverage of mobile phone networks.

The n-Hub can ease innovation in the health care sector

NTC-20-text-1The n-Hub can ease innovation in the health care sector as the international picture of mobile health care devices is likely to grow and reach 650 millions units by 2020. The device can send secure data of a patient or a distant client to their doctor.

David Stewart, CEO of NetComm Wireless, said: “The n-Hub will change the international health care sector. It combines the simplicity and flexibility of an open system that can improve efficiency, reduce costs and therefore improve results for patients. The n-Hub can promote innovation for a large range of applications such as health monitoring for oneself, for elderly relatives, for the care of patients following a surgery, to name only a few.”

The n-Hub was designed for a simple deployment as it connects to international networks and can interoperate between management platforms thanks to its open architecture. It runs with Linux and its software developement kit allows to freely create software applications for almost any kind of health care issue.

The n-Hub integrates:

  • internal antennas for a fast deployment;
  • several levels of backup power;
  • redundant antennas;
  • an intuitive OLED display with a user-friendly interface for installation;
  • multimodal mount and power options;
  • a non intrusive integration in any domestic, medical, business or industrial environment.

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