LIZN, the Danish affordable device to enhance hearing

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After three years of R&D, the small team of LIZN ApS, a start up based in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, has come up with a wireless solution that reduces surrounding noise and disturbance.

LIZN is a Danish affordable device to enhance hearing for elderly. Let’s discover more about it!

One sixth of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss

Over one sixth of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss and needs occasional hearing enhancement. Nevertheless, current solutions available in the market are exclusively hearing aids, which are quite expensive.

Therefore, the team of LIZN ApS aims to address this market gap developing a discrete, affordable and customer oriented device. The LIZN earphones are not hearing aids, but rather a technical support for people with hearing difficulties in certain contexts, enhancing their hearing experience.

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Enhancing hearing experiences with mobile technology

The technical team got his inspiration from mobile technology to create a device that detects and amplifies the desired sounds. They used the same directional microphones that are used on mobile phones. This product is wireless, equipped with a Bluetooth system, and has two modes of use that adjust to the situation and surrounding noise, comfort and boost.

If you wonder how long will you be able to use the device before it runs out of battery, these small pieces of danish technology have eight hours of battery life, which seems a reasonable length taking into account their size. When used connected with a Bluetooth system, such as mobile phones, music players, etc. they have two hours of autonomy.

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27 thoughts on “LIZN, the Danish affordable device to enhance hearing”

    1. I did too. I emailed the company once and they said they were still working on it. I emailed several months later and no reply.

  1. I have tried to order the earbuds three times on your Pre order web page with it failing to go to the next step in proceeding the order.

    When they be shipping?


  2. To the folks who are interested in this product, I believe caution is in order here. The company has a Facebook page, but they do not maintain it. Their latest posting to the page is in 2017. I’m writing this on 26 February 2019. I am excited by the claims advertised by the company, but I see no public evidence that the company is active at this time.

  3. Sir/Madam,
    Order No: 100000124
    I pre-ordered these earbuds way back in March 2018. Despite numerous efforts it’s been very hard to get a any kind of response from LIZN. I paid $149.00 and I’m still waiting for a reasonable answer or a refund. Is this a good way to treat your customer?
    Thank you
    A. Potter

    1. Sharon,

      They will never ship these. I have come to believe that they do not even have a product as I have been waiting since Feb. 2018.

    2. Roberto Herrera

      Sharon, could you please tell me where you ordered them from? Thanks, Roberto Herrera; Mobile, Alabama USA

  4. I ordered these in January……….where are they or where is any type of update?? Have I been duped? Please reply with some sort of information concerning this order.

  5. I placed an order on January 2019 and was told I should be receiving my ear buds around April. How large is the ” around April ” is. Can even find contact info.

  6. For everyone here and who reads this – please be aware – this company is not shipping these devices. They essentially had a prototype ate a trade show that got press, and then started doing pre-sales. Ship dates have repeatedly been pushed out and they have cited the need to work through design improvements.

  7. Very interested in this new hearing device. My husband cannot hear out of one ear and wears a hearing aid in the other. It is impossible for him to hear when there is a lot of other noises and too difficult to have a conversation with someone.
    Will this product help him? Would he still wear both ear buds or just one?
    Can this product be used on trial basis or as research if it could be helpful for someone like my husband?
    Please contact us my email.

  8. Preordered them back in March or April still haven’t got them or heard anything. said on the website should be here by the beginning of August still haven’t got them. Please send update or something I would appreciate it.

  9. I preordered these and was advised the order would be delayed until August. It is now September and still nothing. Please update. Thank you

  10. I pre ordered last fall and have not received an update since April 2019 which said the product would be available in August 2019…Please provide a current update.

  11. I made a good faith purchase on February 16th, 2019. I was told it would ship in April and then in September and now it is December. I want the product or my money back by March 1st, Please do not force me to make my situation public. Ken Kleinke

  12. This is the third time these hearing pieces have been delayed for firmware problems. I believe a transparent company would not keep pre order customers hanging on for over a year. Tell your customers the truth and give us hope that you are honorable.

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