Infographics: How to make a home safe for old people

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Elderly people tend to choose to stay at home in their own environment more and more. Nevertheless, this environment must be prepared and secured, so that they can feel confident and enjoy all the benefits of staying home. To do so, there are some tips to follow.

The following infographics shows how to customize and personalize older people’s houses, room by

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1 thought on “Infographics: How to make a home safe for old people”

  1. As this is perfect thank you! I never really thought about ageing and how that might need to change the home layout before – but it’s funny what can change with age. This is fantastic though – it gives me a good basis for the new design, so thank you ever so much to the writer of this piece. Though I would like to ask a quick question about walk in baths/showers etc in regards to the bathroom – if anyone would be able to help me out at all? Essentially as my husband has gotten older, his legs have been causing him more and more problems. And one of the things he’s becoming most worried about is the bathroom and his own independence. He doesn’t want to have to rely on others too much, and still wants to be able to bathe himself and such, so we were thinking a walk in bath could be an ideal solution in this case. Does anyone know of any good companies we can get one from? I believe my husband’s friend mentioned a company called Gainsborough (I think this is the company – I’m 90% sure it is anyway) Does anyone know if they are good? Or does anyone have any recommendations at all for other vendors? Or indeed any other alternatives? We’re completely open at this point! Any tips would be much appreciated as we’re very much at sea here!

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