ICFSR Congress 2017: discover the program!

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The 2017 International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia will take place from April 27th to April 29, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. During this event, some important clinical and drug trials will be presented. Discover the program!

ICFSR 2017 Une

Focus on ICFSR 2017

After Boston in 2015 (USA), and Philadelphia in 2016 (USA), the ICFSR Congress 2017 will take place in Barcelona (Spain).

The International Conference on Frailty & Sarcopenia Research will focus on:


• Biology
• Animal models
• Preclinical studies
• Clinical trials
• Functional assessment
• Biomarkers and imaging
• New drug developments
• Physical exercise
• Nutrition intervention
• Epidemiology
• other


• Biology of frailty and aging
• Physical frailty and age-related body composition modifications
• Cognitive frailty
• Frailty in clinical practice and public health
• Clinical trials and therapeutics

For your information, no registration on site.

Registration Fee : 898 €

> Discover the program

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