France: the city of Lyon hosted the 2015 World Masters Athletics Championships

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For the first time in France, the WMAC took place  in the city of Lyon from August, 7th to August 16th, 2015. It welcomed athletes aged from 35 up to 98 years old.

WMAC 2015The opening ceremony motivated the athletes for the competitions during the heat wave. In fact, in the city of Lyon, the temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius during the fist days of championship.

Some precautionary health measures were taken

Some precautionary measures have been taken to maximize seniors’ comfort and well-being, such  as water fountains all over the Balmont-La Duchère stadium, tents to allow participants to stay in the shade, and some benches.

During the competition, considering July’s heat wave, the medical staff were less enthusiastic than elderly participants concerning their trials. To maximise their safety, the staff teamed up with the Red Cross in order to take care of the athletes in case of an incident

The oldest athlete was a 98-year-old man

98-year-old Frédérico Fisher is a Brazilian athlete who participated to the 100 meters final. He competed with younger seniors aged between 90 and 91 years old. During the race, he ended up being 7th among the 8 competitors to run. Even if he did not win, everyone in the stadium encouraged him. He explained that he ran the race because he enjoys the competition and people’s encouragements.

Moreover, when people asked him how he succeeded to preserve his physical fitness, he answered that he had always monitored his health practices and wanted to remain an athlete.

> Video: the 100 meters race’s champions

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