European Union: GiraffPlus project combines robotics and home automation to take care of the elderly

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GiraffPlus is a European project that combines robotics and home automation to take care of the elderly. Giraff is an assistant robot for seniors and the project allows them to get home automation equipments.

The aim is to allow the elderly living at home to be able to communicate with family, friends or with health professionals. The device might be marketed at the end of 2015.

GiraffPlus : a robot for a better care to the elderlyGiraff

Robotic technologies are increasingly used to provide independence and security for seniors. The European Union has also set up several research and development programs aimed at the creation of robot companions for the elderly.

GiraffPlus project combines home automation installations with of an assistant robot.

Sensors are installed at home to detect falls of the elderly, and to monitor they physical condition (blood pressure and blood glucose measurements). Alerts can be initiated if a problem occurs.Giraff Plus logo

Giraff robot moves all over the senior’s home and allows him to stay in contact with his relatives and consult his doctor remotely by video.

For now the project is still in a testing stage.

“GiraffPlus will be installed in 15 houses by the end of 2014 », says Amy Loutfi, project manager based at the University of Örebro, Sweden. “We already have six houses in Europe, two houses in Spain, two in Sweden and two in Italy, equipped with GiraffPlus system. We are currently undergoing tests, but we already know that the various aspects of the system are appreciated in different ways by users. A single offer for this home technology is not necessarily the best solution, the technology must be both flexible and responsive to user’s needs”.

Video of Nonna Lea and robot called Mr. Robin

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5 thoughts on “European Union: GiraffPlus project combines robotics and home automation to take care of the elderly”

  1. Article très intéressant ! En espérant que ces robots vont progresser et se répandre 🙂
    J’ai justement trouvé sur quelques articles qui parlent des robots de service, il y a quelques infos intéressantes

  2. Génial ! Un concept très intéressant et qui soulève justement la question de la personnalisation et de l’adaptabilité du service. C’est un peu la vocation de la domotique ; créer des systèmes qui permettent au tout un chacun d’obtenir un confort de vie plus élevé, personnalisé à leur habitation, leurs besoins, équipements et habitudes. J’ai hâte de voir ce produit arriver chez nous (même si je me doute que ce n’est pas pour tout de suite…) !

    1. En effet, les nombreux programmes de R&D européens de ce type restent pour l’heure en phase d’expérimentation, avec un business model qui est encore “imprécis”… Ce n’est donc pas pour tout de suite.

  3. I know that in the best context elderly would be taken care of by family, have a niece or son around to take care of their need. However, today the tradition of having different generations living under the same roof is slipping away and for good reason. I totally understand where the concept comes from and risking sounding like a salesperson for the company lol, this is a device that would possible give them just that, the security and the staying in touch with loved ones, that most times can’t be with them, and also give the relatives the piece of mind of knowing that their parents are in good hands.Good job!

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